New telepsych clinic pilot to give Australians faster access to vital mental health services

Amplar Health is part of the Medibank group. This media release was originally posted on the Medibank website. This is an excerpt only and the full release can be viewed here.

Medibank has partnered with Myhealth and Medinet to increase access to vital mental health services, launching a telepsychology clinic pilot that aims to reduce wait times from up to 3 months to just 2 weeks.

Anyone over the age of 18 can access online psychology consultations by visiting one of the Myhealth GP clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane participating in the pilot to get a referral, if deemed appropriate by the GP.

The telepsych clinic will provide virtual consultations and an innovative digital and phone concierge service to manage all aspects of the referral, booking and Medicare claims process along with feedback to the referring GP. Patients can also choose to see an accredited mental health social worker for specialist support.

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