About us

About us

Driven by a desire to make health care more personal, we co-create health solutions with government, businesses and not-for-profit organisations to deliver on our vision of the best health and wellbeing for Australia.

For over 30 years we’ve been providing a range of health care services Driven by a desire to make health care more personal, we listen to the health needs of people in Australia and our partners to co-create programs that aim to improve both partner and patient experiences.

At Amplar Health, we aim to be an inclusive, positive change-maker for the health sector and our community. By championing greater access, choice and control for people in Australia when it comes to managing their health, we believe we can drive this positive change because no two health journeys are the same.

Amplar Health is part of the Medibank group and brings together Home Support Services Pty Ltd (HSS) and businesses of, Medibank Health Solutions Pty Ltd, Medibank Health Solutions Telehealth Pty Ltd, HealthStrong Pty Ltd and Integrated Care Services Pty Ltd (provider of the CareComplete suite of programs).


We’ve co-designed over 100 health programs with partners in the last 10 years.


We have over 1500 employees to deliver our programs including registered nurses, GPs, allied health providers and telehealth staff.


We’ve been delivering a range of health solutions for over 30 years.

At Amplar Health, we have the capability to deliver integrated health care services across virtual health, homecare, primary and community care enabling us to deliver innovative health programs that aims to address the current health needs of the community.

From triage services and preventative health support through to rehabilitation and hospital in the home services, find out more below:

Virtual health

We are proud to be one of Australia’s major providers of telehealth services with the capability to deliver services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Prevention and health management

We work alongside people with chronic and complex health conditions to help them manage their health and wellbeing.

At home care

We offer the flexibility of health care and support services in alternative settings to hospital, where clinically appropriate.

Work with us

Amplar Health is part of the Medibank group. We provide opportunities to work in different locations and care settings. Medibank careers offer flexible working arrangements where appropriate and clear pathways for leadership and career progression.

Partner with us

Our team is passionate about driving better health and are ready to meet the changing health needs of our community.