Amplar Health brings together Home Support Services (formerly known as HSS, now Amplar Home Health) and businesses of Medibank Health Solutions, Medibank Health Solutions Telehealth, HealthStrong and Integrated Care Services – CareComplete program provider.

Delivering health solutions through

Delivering health solutions through
making health personalhealth partnershipsputting your health first

At Amplar Health we’re driven by a desire to make health personal. We work collaboratively with government, businesses and not-for-profits to deliver health solutions for people across Australia.

Who is Amplar Health?

Amplar Health is a group of health service providers delivering care across Australia. At Amplar Health, we’re focused on improving healthcare experiences and providing greater access, choice and control for people in Australia to manage their health.

We co-create and tailor health solutions with government, businesses and not-for-profits to deliver on our vision of the best health and wellbeing for Australians.

We’ve been providing a range of health care services for over 30 years, so when you work with Amplar Health, you get a seasoned health partner.

Health solutions

We partner with government, businesses and not-for-profits to provide people in Australia with access to a range of health care services and have co-created over 100 health programs with our partners in the last 10 years.

Virtual health

We are proud to be one of Australia’s major providers of online and telehealth services with the capability to deliver services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Prevention and health management

We work alongside people with chronic and complex health conditions to help them manage their health and wellbeing.

At home care

We offer the flexibility of health care and support services in alternative settings to hospital, where clinically appropriate.

News highlights

Visit our news highlights page to hear the latest from Amplar Health.

News Feature: The Orthopaedic Institute opens its doors to patients

A $30 million orthopaedic surgical centre has opened its doors to patients at Macquarie University Hospital. The Orthopaedic Institute, is a joint venture between Amplar Health, a group of surgeons and MQ Health.

Media release: Healthcare technology lands in Australia to help fight preventable chronic disease

Amplar Health has partnered with Amwell, a leader in healthcare technology, to support the delivery of its prevention programs at scale in Australia, fast tracking digital health solutions to support more Australians at risk of chronic disease.

Media Release: Self-managed teams empowering health workers and improving delivery of home care

Amplar Health has stepped away from the traditional model of management and has turned to employees to manage their own teams.


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