Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance

Amplar Health is committed to delivering safe, quality care to all of our clients.

Amplar Health is committed to providing the very best healthcare, delivered by trained, registered health practitioners. Our robust clinical governance framework underpins all that we do.

Clinical Governance and Quality Management Framework

Amplar Health has service level clinical governance plans that align with the Medibank Clinical Governance and Quality Management Framework. In accordance with Medibank’s purpose “Better Health for Better Lives”, the Framework demonstrates our commitment to the delivery of safe, quality care.

The Clinical Governance and Quality Management Framework is applied consistently across all Amplar Health services.

The framework places consumers at the centre and seeks to ensure that care is delivered consistently well and meets the expectations of those that are receiving care. It is comprised of five sectors with an ever-present focus on continuous quality improvement.

It ensures that everyone – from frontline clinicians to managers and members of governing bodies, such as boards – is accountable to consumers and the community to commit to the delivery of health services that are safe, effective, high-quality and continuously improving.

Key principles of the Framework

  • Person centred – people get the care and outcomes they need
  • Quality and safety – are equally valued and prioritised
  • Continuous improvement – we seek to learn, including from our mistakes, and we share those learning to improve
  • Transparent – we are open and responsive to feedback, advice and external review
  • Engaged workforce – clinical governance is everyone’s responsibility

If you would like to know more about our Clinical Governance Framework, please get in touch.

We welcome your feedback

Amplar Health values your feedback as it helps us provide a better service to you.

We are committed to ensuring our services are continually improving as we strive to provide services of a high standard. If you have experienced excellent service from one of our healthcare teams, or if you would like to let us know about your experience and how we can further improve our services please visit our feedback page and share any suggestions, complaints and compliments.

From time to time, Amplar Health may send you a feedback form via email, post or SMS. We encourage you to complete this and send it back to us if you are able.

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