Media Release

Aurora Healthcare and Medibank partner to boost access to mental health care and support

Amplar Health is part of the Medibank group. This media release was originally posted on the Medibank website. This is an excerpt only and the full release can be viewed here.

A new joint venture between leading specialty mental health provider Aurora Healthcare and health company Medibank will deliver an innovative integrated mental health model that extends hospital care to incorporate additional support services in home and community settings.

Aimed at providing greater access, choice and flexibility to mental health services, the 50/50 joint venture, known as iMH, will initially invest $31 million into three hospitals delivering a combined 153 new mental health beds and comprehensive out-of-hospital support.
The partnership will draw on Aurora Healthcare’s established mental health expertise and the combined experience of both Aurora Healthcare and Medibank’s Amplar Health business in introducing innovative models of care across Australia.

The model will focus on providing flexible care pathways including a range of out-of-hospital services such as in-home care, telehealth and care coordination. The iMH hospitals will look to offer these services with no additional costs for patients with eligible private health insurance, apart from any excess or co-payment that would normally apply. These services are typically not included under a traditional psychiatric model of care in the private system.

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