Latest report reveals a solution to stretched healthcare system


Amplar Health is part of the Medibank group. This media release was originally posted on the Medibank website. This is an excerpt only and the full release can be viewed here.

  • Short stay pilot program reduced length of hospital stay by 50 per cent for hip and knee replacements*
  • Broad adoption of the short stay program across the health system could save 217,000 bed days in 2030
  • 78 per cent of surveyed participants were favourable toward the short stay model of care

Medibank and KPMG have found that a short stay in hospital program, accompanied by at home care, could significantly reduce the burden on the stretched healthcare system struggling to cope with the backlog of elective surgery patients in the public system.

Consulting Economist to KPMG Craig Emerson said the report, commissioned by Medibank, found that a short stay model would significantly reduce pressure on hospitals.

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*For low complexity patients