Media Release: Celebrating our nurses on International Nurses Day 2023

Amplar Health is part of the Medibank group. This media release was originally posted on the Medibank website. This is an excerpt only and the full release can be viewed here.

Amplar Health proudly employs almost 700 nurses around Australia, providing care in person and virtually for both Medibank customers and the broader community.

CEO of Amplar Health, Dr Andrew Wilson said, “It’s an important day to reflect and acknowledge the extraordinary commitment and dedication of our nurses working in health across the country. I have worked with nurses my entire career, in hospitals and community settings- they are what makes the health system great.” He added, “We wish all of our nursing colleagues a happy International Nurses Day, we should all take some time to celebrate the profession’s achievements and the impact of nurses on the lives of individuals and families.”

The theme for International Nurses Day 2023 is Our Nurses. Our Future, aimed at profiling what nursing in the future looks like in order to address the global health challenges and improve global health for all.

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