Professional and comprehensive mobile podiatry services to keep you on your feet.

Podiatrists are foot health professionals who may to assist you with a range of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical conditions that affect your feet and lower limbs. Through Amplar Allied Health, you can access podiatry services delivered to you in your home*.

Podiatry at home

Foot problems may significantly impact your mobility and quality of life. Our team of friendly podiatrists can assist with conditions that affect your feet, ankles and lower limbs, and therefore play a pivotal role in overall wellbeing. They may also assist with pain management, improve and reduce deformities, help with rehabilitation, provide footwear advice for sport and everyday wear, and work with you to prevent the occurrence of some foot conditions.

Our professional team of mobile podiatrists aim to use best-practice techniques to provide foot care in the comfort of your own home.

How can our Podiatrists help?

Our friendly mobile podiatrists provide podiatry care in the comfort of your own surroundings. Having a podiatrist visit you in your own home saves you the inconvenience of travelling to a clinic and the hassle of finding a car park.

Amplar Allied Health mobile podiatrists can provide support and assessment through diabetic foot screening and footcare advice, along with gait and posture analysis. Where clinically appropriate, they also offer the following services in your own home:

  • General nail care for issues such as treating fungal nail infections and ingrown nails
  • General podiatry services for issues including foot ulcers, plantar warts, cracked heels, corns, callouses and bunions
  • Heel and ankle pain
  • Children’s podiatry, including foot, ankle and leg pain
  • Orthotics and footwear advice
  • Assistance with restoring and maintaining mobility for day-to-day tasks.

I love working with our customers and have built a real relationship of trust with them. They, in turn, look forward to my visits as they get footcare from a practitioner who also enjoys their company.

Kelly Hazzard, Podiatrist

*Not available in all areas. Availability depends on the particular program, location and provider availability.

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