Preparing for your visit

Preparing for your visit

How to prepare for your in-home healthcare visit from your health practitioner.

Our practitioners are passionate and committed to providing quality, in-home healthcare to our clients wherever they are located in Australia. To ensure they can provide you the care and attention you deserve, we ask you to help us by preparing for our visit. This is how you can help.

Ensure a suitable environment for us to work in

Service area

We need a clean, clear area (about the size of a large picnic rug) to work in. We may need to set up a small table, sit on a stool in front of you, or we may want an area to do exercises with you.

Reduce noise

During the assessment process you will be asked quite a few questions to help the practitioner get a good understanding of your current situation. Noisy environments can make this difficult. For this reason, please ensure the area is relatively quiet, by restricting noise from televisions or other sources if possible. However, we do understand that you don’t have control of the noise your neighbours might make.

Getting to know you

We will ask you questions about your health history and if possible, request to see any relevant letters or referrals from your healthcare team, plus a medication list if you have one.

Our health professionals may want to see your home and how you interact with it. This will help our practitioners determine if simple modifications or equipment may help there.

What we need

Towels and pillows

For physiotherapy services we may need towels and pillows to help position you comfortably and to maintain your privacy. If you are having a physiotherapy session, we recommend two towels and two pillows to assist with your session.

Furry or feathered friends

At Amplar Health, we love pets. But sometimes they try to join in and interrupt our sessions. Restraining your pets or ensuring they are kept away from the work area during our sessions really helps us to provide you with uninterrupted care. Please note that our practitioners may be unable to enter your home with an unrestrained animal present.

Handwashing facilities

Please let us know the best place to wash our hands when we arrive. We are sticklers for hygiene and like to wash our hands before and after each session.

No smoking, please

Please refrain from smoking (including any e-cigarettes or vaping) whilst your health practitioner is present. If your home isn’t a smoke-free environment, please ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

What to wear

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that allows us to assess the area of your body that we are treating. For example, if we are treating your knee – shorts are preferable. If we are treating your back – consider wearing a top and pants, rather than a dress.

Need support?

You are always welcome to have a support person with you during your in-home assessment and service. We appreciate that we may give you a lot of information and it is often good to have someone else there to ask questions and help with decisions. Please introduce them to your health practitioner.

More questions?

If you have more questions, concerns or any feedback about preparing for your in-home healthcare visit, please contact Amplar Home Health on 1800 854 300 or Amplar Allied Health on 1300 660 086.

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